A Better Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker by Philly Casino Parties

An icebreaker is an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome attendees and warm up the conversation among participants in a meeting, training class, team building session, or other group event.

But an effective ice breaker can do a lot more than help your crowd get to know one another. They can be an effective part of the networking process and set the tone for your group. It will also be one of the first memories attendees have of your meeting, conference, or gathering.

There are literally tons of ice breaker activities, games, and companies providing such services. Choosing the right icebreaker can be critical. A good icebreaker will –

1. Break the awkwardness or silence
2. Get people to know one another
3. Get people to interact within the group
4. Allow people to move about and get the blood flowing
5. Just have fun!

One of the better ice breakers being used by major corporations to meet these criteria is being offered by Philly Casino Parties. Whether a poker tournament or a full fledged casino, this group creates a highly interactive atmosphere that participants are not groaning from hearing the word “ice breaker”.

There are no awkward silences with this type event, as the Philly Casino dealers are skillfully trained to be sure everyone gets to know each other and interact with one another at the gaming tables. In fact, once the event is underway, the conversations will be flowing and the group will be cheering as everyone has a chance to win at the games.

Everyone is noticed and everyone becomes a participant. No one is sitting on the sidelines. If one has never played a casino game before, the dealers provide a teaching moment that brings newcomers up to speed and refreshes the skills of even the expert players.

The bottom line is that Philly Casino Parties is a complete turnkey ice breaker, where everyone is simply having a great time socializing, interacting and getting to know each other in a fun environment that does not come off as a forced exercise or interaction.

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Millennials Take On Casino Games

Ask the average Millennial what they think of going to a casino or playing casino games and you may get a response that such activity is for “older folks”. After all, casinos pre-date the technological era this group was raised in. But ask the same Millennials again after they have attended a Philly Casino Party and they will tell you it was one of the best hands-on events they ever participated in.

Millennials have taken over as the largest demographic in the United States. They’re the 18-34 year olds who attend a lot of events and have an astounding amount of buying power. If you haven’t yet made a concerted effort to marketing to this new audience, you are missing out. 

Why a Casino Party? The bottom line, Millennials love a good challenge. They also love rolling up their sleeves for some healthy competition.  Enter gamification, but in this case, what was once considered “old” is actually completely new to this generation. Calculating odds, taking risks, and trying to amass more “winnings” then their fellow competitors has great appeal.

Forget cocktail hour and bland receptions for creating networking opportunities. By facilitating a group activity such as a casino party you are innately providing a hands-on creative networking opportunity with a far lasting impression.

Millennials tend to be more introverted and may have a hard time generating conversations. Casino parties act as an organic icebreaker, if you will, helping attendees make the connections they desire and readily providing conversation opportunities facilitated by trained dealers at each of the gaming tables.

This group lovse getting freebies and swag. The cooler the item, the more excited these guests will be. But winning those freebies is over the top. With everyone having a chance to win prizes from playing the casino games, the excitement simply grows throughout the event.

Millennials readily embrace companies that give back to good causes and may become brand loyalists based on a sponsor’s support for a particular event. Adding a fundraising element to your casino event can support this. Casino Parties that support a charity or cause can have a huge impact and solidify this group. 

Philly Casino Parties is sensitive to the fact that Millennials want to be surprised and impressed with an event that exceeds expectations. Their attendance at casino events are not about gambling but about an opportunity to build community and relationships that last even after the event has passed.

The New Networking

The New Networking by Philly Casino Parties

In this technological age of telecommuting, email, social media, cell phones, whatsapp and virtual meetings, there has been a steady movement towards a new form of networking, or shall we say an old, tried and true method – the handshake and a direct face to face conversation. It has now become about building relationships of substance and value.

One company that has been taking this form of “face to face networking” to heart for some time now is Rainbow Promotions, a Philadelphia based experiential event planner. Through one of their many specialty divisions, Philly Casino Parties, they have been providing this “new networking” to satisfied customers with authentic nights of casino entertainment for the better part of three decades.

Now it may seem a bit odd to host a casino night to generate social interaction, but in many ways, it provides the perfect opportunity for staff and clients alike to connect on a new level. It offers guests a friendly and relaxed environment in which to interact and get to know each other without all the standard formalities.

Philly Casino Parties provides complete turnkey solutions with top of the line casino equipment, friendly dealers, your own personal coordinator and years of marketing/development experience that allows you to create a memorable night of casino excellence.  Their carefully hand selected staff are more than sensitive to the need of aiding in the creation of new social interactions and lasting connections. According to Steven Weisz, CEO, ” our casino parties are not about gambling, but about creating an atmosphere where guests can easily get to know each other and establish new business relationships or re-kindle old ones. Playing a friendly game of cards, rolling the dice or spinning the roulette wheel simply creates a point of interaction and an environment in which this can happen.”

Making the WOW factor easy

If you want to add a WOW factor to your next event or give your staff and clients the James Bond-esque treatment, then you are at the right place with Philly Casino Parties. Event planning can be stressful for anyone in the business world. You want to throw memorable events that are going to get everyone talking for all the right reasons. This can sometimes prove to be a little tricky, especially if you’re not a seasoned corporate event planner. Organizing and hosting a stunningly realistic casino night is a great way to impress guests and give them an amazing night to remember. Philly Casino Parties provides you with everything you need to be able to achieve this.

Event ROI

Event Return On Investment (ROI) is really all about working backwards. Before you start scoping out venues or getting carried away with all your entertainment options, you need to think critically about your event goals and desired business outcomes.

If you are looking to improve your bottom line, then you already know it is about building relationships and building your team. This can only be truly done with face to face interaction.  Once you have solid event goals rooted in business outcomes, it’s time for the fun stuff: determining exactly what your event should look like to turn those goals into a reality.

A casino night provides a social environment where people can relax, enjoy themselves, and focus on having a good time. This is the perfect setting to strengthen relationships, cultivate clients, and throw a friendly and welcoming bash the right way. The staff at Philly Casino Parties never overlook the importance of the social networking side of a business, and how much this can pay in dividends for the future of your company.

It’s Summer, why should I book the holiday party?

Summer goes by faster than one expects! Before you know it, it’s back to school and then hello holidays! Waiting until December to stress out about your company’s holiday party can cost you. It may seem odd to think about booking a holiday party in ninety degree weather, but now is the time!

GET THE DATE YOU WANT FOR YOUR PHILLY CASINO PARTY! Holiday dates tend to fill up very quickly, especially for the prime Fridays & Saturdays in December. Booking in advance insures that you are locked in and not scrounging last minute and forced to accept a less popular date and time.

VENUES FILL UP FAST. And the best ones go first. The old adage still applies – “the early bird catches the worm”. You will want to make sure you have a reservation with your venue early if you are having your company party offsite.

GET A BETTER TURN OUT. Everyone’s schedules are busier than ever these days. So, the earlier you set the date and get on everyone’s calendars, the better turnout you’ll have. This way employees and spouses can plan around it.

SAVE MONEY. Last minute planning can cost you extra. Many event services tend to increase prices to accommodate last minute requests. It is simply the old law of supply and demand.

REDUCE YOUR STRESS. Having everything done ahead of time and during a slower time of year for business can greatly reduce your stress. No last minute planning, running around and having critical details fall through the cracks. A little planning ahead can make your life so much simpler!

AT PHILLY CASINO PARTIES WE ARE HERE TO HELP! For over 35 years, we have delivered extraordinary holiday parties and memorable occasions. Many of our corporate and private clients are repeat customers from year to year (another reason to book in advance)! We provide complete turnkey solutions and top of the line customer service. Learn about all of our services, view pricing, check your date, get a quote, and even book your event on our website at https://phillycasinoparties.com

The Summer BBQ, Business After Hours

Summer BBQ - Business After Hours with Philly Casino Parties

For most, Summer is the long-awaited and much anticipated season of the year. In recent years, barbecues have grown in popularity as an easy and fun way of getting people together.

These outdoor gatherings have also spilled over into the professional world as an informal setting for colleagues to network outside of the office. It has also become a great way for management to interact and mingle with those who work year round for the company.

While food and drink may be the center of attention, it is social interaction that is key for a successful event. One of the best ice breakers in recent years at these gatherings has been the addition of a few professional casino games. From blackjack to poker, and craps to roulette, casino games offer a chance for the players to interact and get to know each other without any social awkwardness.

Philly Casino Parties has been providing such services to companies of all sizes, offering professional equipment and specially trained dealers who will have everyone interacting, laughing and having fun at your Summer event.

Of course, the Summer barbecue is also a great way to gain new business! Create a mixer where new prospects and current customers can mingle. Here again Philly Casino Parties can help you better relate to the people you’re targeting, boost existing employee and client morale, and gain highly-qualified prospects and leads, all under the guise of having a great afternoon of fun. There is simply no better way to encourage interaction between your current clients and your prospects. The Summer barbecue with Philly Casino Parties is about building relationships and memories that will last.

Finding Sponsors for Your Casino Fundraiser

So you have decided to do a casino party fundraiser!  While you will make significant dollars from ticket sales to the overall event and even from the purchase of chips to play the games throughout the evening, the real key to generating income for your non-profit will be through obtaining sponsorships.

The more successful fundraisers obtain individual table sponsors as well as a lead or title sponsor/s for the entire event. This may seem challenging to those non-profits that do not have a dedicated development department that is used to doing fundraising. However, if you give yourself enough lead time and with a bit of leg work, getting event sponsors can be achieved.  Here are a few tips to help you based on experience…

Use Your Existing Network  –  Begin by engaging your board members as well as employees, volunteers, and existing partners to determine what connections they may have in the local community. Ask them to provide introductions to potential sponsors or join you in doing a presentation.

Do your homework – This applies on many levels. To begin with, know what your potential sponsors are looking for – name recognition, attendance numbers, association with your non-profit, etc. Tailor your sponsorship packages to their needs!

In addition, see what kind of businesses other events are recruiting for sponsorships, and research ideas for sponsorship opportunities – casino table sponsor, the title sponsor, food and beverage sponsors, etc.

Obtaining Media Sponsorships – Getting a media sponsorship is a great way to help spread the word about your event. Exercise caution here as they may want some sort of exclusivity preventing you from developing a border marketing plan. In general, this is a great way to save if you have a limited advertising budget and media outlets will look for opportunities to engage with the community in a live setting,  It will not, however, generate direct revenue.

Detail Sponsor Benefits – While each sponsor have different needs, and it is key to understanding your relationship with a specific donor, you will still want to outline a list of potential benefits companies will receive from sponsoring your event. Benefits can range from exposure to potential customers and media at your event to inclusion in event signage, advertising, social media, and viral marketing efforts, on-site sampling, VIP passes, and special recognition.

Customize Your Pitch – As previously stated, it is important to do your homework and know what your sponsor is looking for. Develop a strategy rather than a single sponsorship template, this way you can create a unique package that compliments the prospects brand and business goals.

Manage The Relationship: Once you get a sponsorship, be sure they are treated well! Dedicate a point person on your committee or team to ensure all agreed to obligations are met. This can range from obtaining sponsor logos to getting approval on collateral materials and press releases. Managing communications is key to having a successful sponsorship but also in cultivating a future donor.

Event re-cap & THANK YOU – once the event has concluded don’t forget to send a thank you to your sponsors. Emails may be nice but a handwritten note goes a lot further!  You will also want to send them under a separate cover or email an event re-cap that outlines the success of the event including event attendance, money raised, press coverage, copies of ads, event photos, etc.

Philly Casino Parties has had over 30 years of experience in helping non-profits cultivate sponsorships and manage donor relations to achieve maximum results from events hosted with us.  Give us a call or email us to see how we can help you with your next fundraiser.

Found A Cheaper Price Elsewhere? Here is what you should know!

Budgets for any event are key as well as getting the best price available.  Chances are you will be getting at least three quotes for your upcoming event and the internet makes searching for a vendor even easier than before.

BUT NOT ALL QUOTES ARE ALIKE!  In our own search of market prices for casino events in the region, we have been quoted rates that were significantly less than our own.  In fact, we found it very difficult to understand how they could even operate at such a low cost until we dug a bit deeper as to what we were actually quoted!

So here are some questions you should be asking when you get what seems to be a great price quote –

  1. Is the price all inclusive. Many times the rate being advertised is merely for the gaming table and does not include the cost of the dealers, set up, delivery or other necessary services to fulfill your event. At Philly Casino Parties, our prices are all-inclusive and there are never any hidden fees.
  2. Are the gaming tables full size, professional tables that are well maintained? We found one competitor that offered a craps table for half our rate, but it was also half the size. Another company was simply setting up regular folding tables and laying poker or blackjack laydowns (felt coverings) on top of the tables. At Philly Casino Parties, we only use professional, full-size gaming tables that are regularly cleaned and maintained.
  3. Are the dealers truly professionals? Many companies make this claim, but their dealers are not licensed or experienced. We found many of the so-called dealers being paid minimum wage with the promise of tips. All too often these were simply friends or acquaintances who knew how to play cards. At Philly Casino Parties our dealers are our strength. We only use professional, experienced dealers and we pay them accordingly insuring that you get 110% at all times. Many of our staff have been with us for ten or more years and have set the standard in the industry.
  4. How long has the company been in business?  While there may be a few good startups out there, many have neither the experience or years in the special event business. Executing a casino party is more than just playing card games, it is understanding room layouts, traffic flow, advanced planning, guest relations, branding, fundraising, experiential marketing and more. At Philly Casino Parties, we have over 30 years of experience in both event planning and running casino parties.
  5. Is the company reliable?  There is nothing worse than worrying about when your vendor is going to show up, will they be set up in time and how things will ultimately look and run once everything is in place. Will all the staff be there in time, presentable and ready to go before your guests arrive?  Have you checked their references? At Philly Casino Parties, we have an impeccable and proven track record for reliability!  We go out of our way to always be ahead of schedule, allowing time for traffic or other last-minute complications that may arise as with any event.  The last thing we want is for you to have to worry at all!
  6. Is the company licensed and operating according to state laws?  The last thing you want is for your event to be shut down or raided by state authorities.  There are different regulations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for both corporate events and especially for fundraisers!  For instance, in New Jersey and Delaware the casino company must be licensed and approved for casino based fundraisers.  At Philly Casino Parties, we are fully licensed in all of the states in which we operate. Our casino coordinator is even state and FBI background checked and many of our dealers have state licenses in addition to background checks.  Don’t be fooled by some companies that “borrow” a license from another agency by hiring one of their dealers. It just is not the same!
  7. Is the company local?  With the internet, there is a host of out of state companies branding themselves as operating locally. Essentially, they are subcontracting services from other smaller local companies.  To maintain their profit margins and come in at lower prices, they are less concerned with the quality of the gaming tables and staff often subcontracting sight unseen.. At Philly Casino Parties, we have offices in both Philadelphia and New Jersey with boots on the ground to be sure quality is maintained at all times.

Party with A Purpose

Summertime is full of gatherings and parties for all occasions.  It is also a time when the office blues can set in as workers gaze out their windows at the sun with thoughts of vacations and trips down the shore they are missing out on from their cloistered cubicles.  Perhaps, it is time to boost employee morale!

Company picnics, while having served a purpose in the past, have become too cumbersome and expensive in today’s world of overworked, overstressed employees and executives.  However, company-wide events still have their place when they have meaning, build community and offer marketing opportunities.

The solution, events with a purpose!  Planning an event which builds your team effort while supporting a charity or cause can have a huge impact on employee morale and your bottom line!

Such charitable events have an added benefit, they provide networking and marketing opportunities while also increasing the business’s presence in the community. Encouraging employee participation becomes effortless as each person feels as though they are helping to make a difference.

To be most effective, a business must first choose the right cause or charity to support. They key is to find a charity that is relevant to the company’s own mission statement. The cause should also be relevant to the community in which the business has a presence to have a greater impact.

The planning of your charitable event can be made seamless and effortless by using such turnkey operations as Philly Casino Parties.  Once you have selected a venue (on site or off site), they will provide everything that is needed to raise funds for your charity while offering employee team building and opportunities for networking.  They provide a full range of gaming tables with professional dealers, all the accessories and a coordinator to walk you through every step of the way.  Fully licensed and insured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the staff at Philly Casino Parties have over a thirty-year history of being experts in raising charitable funds, building community, developing teamwork, providing networking opportunities and creating fun and exciting events that have become annual giving traditions for many companies in the region.

They now even offer an opportunity for viewing Virtual Reality or 360 Videos about your selected charity on site during the event through their affiliate company Philly VR.  This is a great way to not only share but show a business’ involvement with the charity of choice!

Bottom line, through charitable events, a business can increase its local visibility while also improving employee morale. In the process, businesses can also increase worker retention, which can save thousands of dollars each year. Local charitable organizations will likely be more than happy to work with any business, small or large, interested in sponsoring an event and promoting their cause.

Philly Casino Parties for Weddings – Philadelphia Magazine

Philadelphia Magazine recommends us for Weddings

12 Ways to Entertain Guests at Your Wedding That Aren’t Dancing Make your reception (even more!) fun with these games and activities.


Casino Games

A Blackjack or Craps table will surely liven up your celebration for those who aren’t particularly interested in the “normal” wedding activities. Philly Casino Parties has 30 years of parties under their belts and are ready to set up shop at your celebration with all of the equipment, paperwork, and personnel needed. The best part? You don’t have to feel guilty about your guest’s spending (or more importantly, losing) money — there’s no actual wagering at the shindig. View their eight packages here, or create your own 

Team Building through playing Poker

If you want your team to gain an edge, build their confidence, and develop tough negotiating skills, then get them to the poker table. That’s right, the poker table! The skills learned at the poker table parallel the competencies needed for professional success.

Your team will learn such skills as –

  • How to negotiate your way into or out of anything
  • How to increase your power and confidence
  • Read and interpret non-verbal cues
  • Become more bold and assertive
  • Manage risk and recover from loss
  • Think out of the box and out of your comfort zone

Never Played Before?   Not A Problem!
Our hand-picked dealers are also master instructors and will have your groups learning the ins and outs of the game in no time.  We offer the option to start each session with a one hour instructional period before actual tournament play.

Once the lessons are over, its tournament time!  Break up your participants into teams for a no time limit tournament.  We take care of everything for you –  the tournament ladder, table assignments, blinds, countdown timer and officiating. We even offer a second chance tournament for those knocked out of the game early on.

You can choose to play for bragging rights or a tournament team trophy or even have the teams compete to have a donation made to a charity of choice.

Groups can range from 27 players to 300 players in sessions that average 3-4 hours and costs less than $40 per person.

Give us a call today to learn more about how Poker Team Building from Philly Casino Parties can improve your team’s skills and your bottom line – Tel. 484-469-0288