Successful Casino Party Fundraisers

casino party fundraisers

Philly Casino Parties has been providing successful fundraisers for over thirty years to non-profits, community organizations, schools and charities. Unlike other companies, we are fully licensed to provide this service legally in the states of New Jersey and Delaware. (Pennsylvania does not permit live cash gaming but there are still other legal means to conduct fundraisers, please contact us.)

What is unique about this form of fundraising is the simple fact that your guests feel like they are getting something in return for their donation – a fun night of networking and socializing!  People are much more willing to donate money to a cause when they feel a connection to the organization and the people involved.

Our events are not only fun for your intended audience, but we also take all the work out of it by offering complete turnkey services and assistance. We will customize your casino party fundraiser based upon the amount of guests anticipated, any theme you have might have chosen and the venue you have selected for your event. Our clients continually remind us of how everything runs so smoothly that they have been able to sit back and even enjoy their own event!

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A Casino Night Fundraiser is an event where guests experience the fun and excitement of playing in a real casino. Depending on state restrictions, the event features gaming tables much like the ones you would find in a real casino, as well as professional dealers to run the games.

Guests make a donation to your organization for entry into the event and receive a set amount of chips good at any of the gaming tables. They can play for the duration of the event or when they run out of chips, where they can make another donation for additional chips depending on the event format and the host’s “house rules” and of course state laws.

You may NOT accepts donations or payments of any kind for chips. Your guests simply receive a table pass or voucher for a fixed amount of chips to redeem at any of the tables to play with. Casino play is purely for entertainment. Your fundraising comes from selling sponsorships, naming rights to the casino and cultivating donors at your event.

The key difference between play in a Casino Fundraiser and “the real thing” is that no actual gambling takes place at these events. The games are played with chips with no cash value and are played for entertainment only.

Even without gambling, one can still win at a casino party; the event’s winners typically receive prizes (New Jersey & Delaware only) provided either by you or one of your sponsors. What you give away as prizes is up to you, but they cannot be cash or a cash equivalent such as cash value gift cards. Prizes can range from a bottle of wine to dinner for four; a weekend getaway or even a new TV.

Give us a call or drop us an email for a free consultation and to start planning your next fundraiser!


SELL SPONSORSHIPs. Have local businesses sponsor a casino table, thereby lowering your direct costs and increasing your profits. Place a tabletop placard on each sponsored table acknowledging the business and even offering a brochure or coupon. This is a great way for local companies to both advertise and show their support for your organization. (PA, NJ, DE). Here are a few ways to create great sponsorship packages, click here.

OFFER NAMING RIGHTS TO YOUR CASINO. In addition to table sponsors, getting an overall naming sponsor for your event or casino can not only offset costs but also raise significant funds for your organization. Usually naming rights come with displays of sponsor name/logo at the casino, in any program book, advertising or web based promotions. Offering a display table, step and repeat banner as well as complimentary tickets can help make your offer more attractive. (PA, NJ, DE). See example.

PRE-SELL TICKETS AND PACKAGES. Pre-sell special casino night packages. Offer a fixed price for cocktails, dinner and a set number of free casino chips to start off the evening. Guests can get more chips for a donation to the organization, but start off the night with something in hand! (NJ, DE)

OFFER DONATION TIERS. With your guests initial ticket purchase to attend the event, you can offer additional donation tiers in exchange for additional chip packages. (NJ, DE)

ADD SILENT OR LIVE AUCTIONS. Auctions capitalize on the many players you have on-site already participating in your event. Silent auctions are a passive addition to casino fundraisers while live auctions are much more active. Silent auctions are less intrusive but live auctions tend to bring in more money per item. Either way you generate more revenue at your event. (check with local state laws first)

OFFER VIP GAMING. For a higher initial ticket amount (donation), offer admittance to a special high rollers VIP table where the limits to play are raised and the stakes and payouts are higher. Anyone can join in the play in this special section for the right amount! (DE, NJ)


There are quite a number of factors to calculate in determining your actual profits from a Casino Fundraiser. To begin with, you need to calculate all of your expenses – venue rental, food & beverage, decor, prizes if not donated, staffing if non-volunteer, marketing, and advertising.

On the revenue side, this will ultimately be determined by the number of guests in attendance as well as sponsorships sold. Other factors will be the number of re-buys during the night or revenue generated from add-ons such as a silent auction. Pre-selling tickets online by credit card or PayPal can greatly secure the income for your event and maximize your profits. (If you are not set up to do this, we can assist in creating an online sales page for you.)

Over the years, we have had groups raise amounts from $1500 all the way up to $20,000 for a given casino party night. Give us a call at 484-469-0288 and we can help you with your planning to maximize your profits.


Each of the states in which we operate for fundraisers – PA DE & NJ, have state regulations and laws which must be fully complied with. We have provided a brief guide as well as links to the state websites for your reference. We understand that this can be confusing at times and we are more than happy to offer assistance in both understanding these regulations as well as ensuring that your event is in compliance. Most critical is allowing sufficient time, prior to your event, to file all paperwork and get the necessary approvals.

Regulation falls under Pennyslvania Gaming Control Board.
Only fully licensed casinos can operate live cash gaming. You may not play with cash under any circumstances. You may not sell casino chips. You also cannot redeem casino chips for prizes of any sort, not even raffle tickets in the name of a charity. Converting your guests winning chips into raffle tickets is considered a violation of the existing statutes. Guests using raffle tickets that they won during casino play for a chance to win items on a Chinese Auction or any other raffle is also illegal.

In the State of Pennsylvania gambling is defined by 3 elements:
– Consideration: fee you pay for casino chips or to play
– Chance: the cards, the wheels, the dice, the actual games
– Reward: anything you win of value
So as the event organizer, you cannot charge for chips. Additionally, you cannot allow the redemption of guest’s gaming chips for raffle tickets, prizes or anything of value. Bottom line – ” All gaming must be complimentary – no purchase required to play “. The casino games in a fundraiser can only be used as a form of entertainment.

In Delaware, please note we operate under the name of Casino Parties, Inc.
State of Delaware Business License #2014604261 
State of Delaware Charitable Gaming License #GV-0000007  VIEW
State Regulations fall under Board of Charitable Gaming. Volunteer fire companies, veterans organizations, religious or charitable organizations, and fraternal societies that have been in existence a minimum of two years may apply for a charitable gaming permit. For an application for a permit go online to the state’s website at
PLEASE NOTE in Delaware, the only games permitted for casino fundraisers are poker and blackjack. Craps and Roulette are not permitted.

In New Jersey we are licensed and operate under the name of Casino Parties, Inc.
State of New Jersey Charitable Gaming License #602-21 
Casino party regulations fall under Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (hereinafter referred to as the LGCCC).
1. The organization must be registered and hold a current registration certificate from the LGCCC. You must be registered with the Charitable Registration Office before obtaining a license with the LGCCC. Note: if your group is already licensed with the LGCCC, please note that there is an expiration date on the certificate. The event must take place before the certificate expires.
2. Present Casino Parties with a copy of the organization’s current registration certificate, along with a completed copy of the “State Certification Form”. Note: Once you have signed a contract with Casino Parties, we have 48 hours with which to file with the LGCCC the State Certification Form.
3. The organization will then receive a Form 13 from Casino Parties. Allow two weeks from the time you send in a copy of your certificate and the State Certification form to receive your Form 13. Please designate whether or not you wish to have the Form 13 sent to the organization’s mailing address, or to an individual’s home address.
4. Present the ORIGINAL registration certificate, along with the Form 13, and the Raffle application to the municipal clerk IN THE MUNICIPALITY in which you are having your event. You will then request a Raffle Application to hold a Casino Night. You will also need a check, payable to the LGCCC in the amount of $100, and another check payable to the municipality, in most cases for the amount of $100. Each municipality has the authority to charge a different amount, as long as it does not exceed $100.
5. The municipality will conduct a police background check on all of the members of the organization listed on the application.
6. The governing body of the municipality will vote to approve or disallow the application. If approved by the governing body, the application is then sent by the municipal clerk to the LGCCC together with the $100 check.
7. If the municipality is not contacted by the LGCCC within 14 days after mailing the application, the municipal clerk may issue the license.
The most up to date rules and regulations for New Jersey as well as all applicable forms may be found at