Rental Equipment Only

We have a limited number of tables and equipment that we rent out without using one of our packages or dealers.

  • All rentals are for entertainment purposes only.
  • Rental equipment is NOT the same that we provide for our full casino service packages.
  • Delivery charges in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey region will range from $200-$350 depending on date, time, location and number of tables. Call for exact quote.
  • Valid Credit Card (not debit card) is required for all rentals.
  • You are responsible for any/all loss or damage to equipment. A rental agreement and disclaimer form will be required.

Black Jack Tables (BJR175)
Sit down and stand up tables both available. Chairs not included.
Dimensions: 6’L x 30″H or 6’L x 36″H
Player Capacity: 7 players
Total Available:   Three
Rental Rate:  $225 per table

Poker Tables (PKR195)
Chairs not included.
Dimensions: 8’L x 30″H
Player Capacity: 9 players
Total Available:  Three
Rental Rate:  $240 per table

Roulette Table & Wheel (RLTR250)
Standing only
Dimensions: 8’L x 36″H
Player Capacity: 7 players
Total Available:  One
Rental Rate:  $280 per table

Craps Table (CRPR400)
Standing only
Dimensions: 7’L x 36″H
Player Capacity: 10 players
Total Available:  One
Rental Rate:  $450 per table

Money Wheel (MWR195)
Standing only.
Dimensions: 36″H, 6’Table used
Player Capacity: 7 players
Total Available: one
Rental Rate:  $225 per table