Virtual Casino Nights via ZOOM

Virtual Casino Nights via ZOOM


Virtual Blackjack or 3 Card Poker
With face-to-face events still for the most part on hold due to COVID-19 Philly Casino Parties (and our affiliates in New Jersey & Delaware) now offer a virtual option for your meetings and special events.

Enjoy an exciting evening of casino fun from the comfort of your own home using Zoom. Our virtual events allow guests to connect and have fun with friends, business associates and anyone with an internet connection and computer!

How It Works
You set the designated meeting time and select which casino game/s you wish to offer. Then we provide you with a Zoom link and credentials for distribution to your guests to join in on the fun. Both Blackjack and 3 Card Poker can accommodate up to 7 guests. Only one game can be played at each designated time period. If you wish to offer both games, we simply have a small intermission to reset for the second game.

To start, each player receives a set number of casino chips which our dealers will manage for your guests on the table. With years of experience, our dealers will explain the rules of the game and even offer lessons to the group before getting started.

Once the game begins, guests play against the dealer so all cards are face up. Each guest will instruct the dealer on the amount of chips to be bet along with which cards to be played.

At the end of the Zoom time period, chips will be counted and a winner announced.

***Please note, all casino play is done for entertainment value only. You may not play with cash or for cash prizes. All casino play must be done in accordance with any applicable state or local laws.

Fundraising Events
Our virtual casinos are also a great way to do your fundraisers during this difficult times. Guests can make a donation to your 501 C 3 non-profit in order to attend your virtual celebration.

You would then provide them with the Zoom credentials and a fixed amount of chips to begin the fun. Please note, all casino play is done for entertainment value only. You may not play with cash or for cash prizes. All casino play must be done in accordance with any applicable state or local laws.

In addition, you can have the event sponsored and we can hang a banner with a corporate logo in the background. Banners should be 2.5′ x 6′ with grommets. (please contact us for details and shipping information). Build out your sponsor packages as you see fit with varying donation levels.

Just because the event is virtual, there is no reason you cannot also have a theme. Invite your guests to dress up, send them a recipe for your favorite cocktail or even a special dish to go along with the event. If your guests are all local, partner with an area restaurant to do delivery of a special meal to each of your attendees! Go James Bond Casino Royale and make your event black tie or choose from any number of casino themes!


OPTION 1 – For groups of up to 7 players
One Dealer | One Zoom Host
1.5 hours of Blackjack
15 minute break
1.5 hours of 3 Card Poker
3 hours of actual game time
Fee: $350

OPTION 2 – Groups of 7 – 140 players
One Dealer | One Zoom Host
Your choice of Blackjack or 3 Card Poker
Players are scheduled and assigned a time slot
7 Players every 45 minutes | 15 minute break between groups
4 hours of game time, so up to 4 groups x 7 players = 28 players total per setup
Fee: $350 + Zoom fees of $20 per table


– Download the Zoom Client for Meetings to your PC

– Be sure your audio and video are turned on

– Find a space to attend that is clear of noise and distractions

– Once logged in, switch to full screen – GALLERY VIEW

– Locate your dealers screen and mouse over the right corner where 3 dots appear and select PIN SPEAKER – this way you can clearly see the dealer, table, cards and chips at all times

– If you leave the game for a moment to take a break or attend to other business, please be sure to mute your microphone.

– If you wish to chat with other players – please click on chat on your zoom screen and a text chat box will open for your use.