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A Better Ice Breaker

A Better Ice Breaker

A better Ice Breaker

An icebreaker is an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome attendees and warm up the conversation among participants in a meeting, training class, team building session, or other group event.

But an effective ice breaker can do a lot more than help your crowd get to know one another. They can be an effective part of the networking process and set the tone for your group. It will also be one of the first memories attendees have of your meeting, conference, or gathering.

There are literally tons of ice breaker activities, games, and companies providing such services. Choosing the right icebreaker can be critical. A good icebreaker will –

1. Break the awkwardness or silence
2. Get people to know one another
3. Get people to interact within the group
4. Allow people to move about and get the blood flowing
5. Just have fun!

One of the better ice breakers being used by major corporations to meet these criteria is being offered by Philly Casino Parties. Whether a poker tournament or a full fledged casino, this group creates a highly interactive atmosphere that participants are not groaning from hearing the word “ice breaker”.

There are no awkward silences with this type event, as the Philly Casino dealers are skillfully trained to be sure everyone gets to know each other and interact with one another at the gaming tables. In fact, once the event is underway, the conversations will be flowing and the group will be cheering as everyone has a chance to win at the games.

Everyone is noticed and everyone becomes a participant. No one is sitting on the sidelines. If one has never played a casino game before, the dealers provide a teaching moment that brings newcomers up to speed and refreshes the skills of even the expert players.

The bottom line is that Philly Casino Parties is a complete turnkey ice breaker, where everyone is simply having a great time socializing, interacting and getting to know each other in a fun environment that does not come off as a forced exercise or interaction.