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Outdoor Events and Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Philly Casino Parties Inclement Weather Policy

We will always make our best efforts to hold the event as scheduled. However, if it is not safe to operate the equipment outdoors in the event of lightning, heavy downpour, high winds, or any other unsafe conditions the following policies apply with respect to deposits, refunds, rescheduling, or cancellation.


  • Any deposits paid are non-refundable.
  • Cancellation must occur by phone call to 610-587-7313 at least 24 hours prior to the event to avoid incurring further charges as specified below,


  • If the client’s event is postponed because of rain and the client calls us (610-587-7313) before the delivery trucks leave the warehouse, we will transfer all deposits to a scheduled rain date without any penalty.
  • If the event is postponed to a rain date the client is not guaranteed the same contracted equipment for their rain date but will receive available equipment equaling the contracted dollar amount for their rain date. The exception is if there has been a separate agreement, paying an additional fee to reserve the same equipment for a rain date.


  • The client calls us to cancel or postpone the event after the delivery trucks have left the warehouse to deliver the equipment to the client site.
  • The client decides to bring the event indoors because of rain but does not notify us of such a decision prior to the trucks leaving the warehouse and said equipment no longer fits in the available indoor space. You will still be responsible for the full amount for all equipment and personnel as contracted for. If you contact us before we leave the warehouse, you may switch equipment for that of equal value which will fit in your indoor space.
  • If the event is in progress as denoted by the start time on the agreement and it begins to rain and no provision has been made to move the event indoors or cover/tent the event, and the event needs to end as a result of weather conditions, the client will still be responsible for the full balance of the contracted agreement.

Wind policy: If there are high winds at the client’s event location, we reserve the right to shut down any equipment that is not safe to operate at that time and the client must still pay in full for the contracted amount.

Unsafe Operation: If the weather is such that the operation is deemed unsafe with potential harm to staff or damage to equipment, we will shut down operations and the client must still pay in full for the contracted amount.