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Philly Casino Parties Are Not About Gambling


“Philly Casino Parties are not about gambling!” – Every time I say this out loud at a meeting or even an event, I seem to turn heads or raise eyebrows. Philly Casino Parties has never been about gambling in the over thirty-five years of operation. Instead, it has provided a fun and entertaining platform for bringing people together. It is about networking, creating new connections, and re-establishing existing friendships.

These days, between high tech devices and Covid isolation, it has been more about getting away from it all and simply learning to enjoy each others’ company once again – whether friends, family, colleagues, or co-workers.

Let’s face it, socializing has been a bit awkward lately, if not plain weird at times. Things seem off in this modern, often isolated, fast-paced, moving world. Philly Casino Parties offer no-tech ways to interact and much-needed relief from social media. Guests can play, have fun, drop all the pretenses, and be themselves again.

One of the significant aspects of our events is that it allows guests to be around each other, and with our dealers as facilitators, they can shake off their rusty social skills and be conversing with each other in no time and even make new friends.

Since the age of Covid, we’ve been searching for new ways to get comfortable with each other again. It can be hard to admit just how much we have lost. 

Tonight, as I look over one of our parties, with almost 200 guests, all smiling, interacting, and enjoying each other’s company over a simple game of cards, the roll of a roulette wheel or throw of the dice, I feel as though in some small part, we have helped to return things to normalcy, to a time when being in the company of others was cherished.