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Seamless virtual experience enjoyed by all 15+ spectators and players in my party. What an event to remember!

I had the pleasure of having Philly Casino Parties host my Grandmother’s virtual 91st birthday celebration with 2.5 hours of Blackjack and 3 Card Poker.

My Grandmother loves to go to the casino, but because of COVID, we had to bring the casino to her, and that we did! Barry our dealer was excellent. He was a great teacher to us novices, very patient and helpful. He was funny and really kept the game moving along, which required everyone to focus (though some of us were drinking and joking). He had fun with us, but kept us on track time wise, which was great.

Owner, Steven, really set the tone for what was to come. He answered/ returned every one of my six or so phone calls. He was very patient with answering all of my many questions and explained what was to be expected thoroughly. He even gave me ideas for the evening to make it more festive. Additionally, Steven effectively MC’d some of the evening and provided technical support throughout. From head to tail, I was thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and time spent, as were my guests who shared their satisfaction with me afterward.

The visuals via zoom were well setup with two angles, so no concerns there. And there was a tech support number provided for those who need more help before and throughout the event.

Two stars up, five out of five, job well done. I highly recommend using this company for your gaming event needs!